Cooking Class in Venice

Cooking class in Venice: If you want to know deeply Venice enjoy a cooking class is for sure the best way ! To learn more about the City of Venice there isn’t anything better than know its culinary tradition.

You have the chance to learn how to make the traditional dishes of Venice.

Learn how to prepare Risotto or fresh pasta with fish sauce and ending with the best home-mede Burano biscuits !

First of all you have the opportunity to chose by yourself your raw material going with our expert guide to the famous Rialto market.

Now you are ready to became an ancient Venetian housewife!

Venice Cooking Class and Rialto Market shopping

The day is sunny and the air smells of fresh and tasty fish, it’s time to start your cooking class. Our passionate guide will introduce you to the famous Rialto market, where the seasonal ingredients are ready to be chosen from you. Your eyes will get crazy in front of this beauty, the color of the vegetables are bright and the fish have never been so fresh ! Our guide will explain you all peculiarities of this ingredients and how it can be use to make a wonderful traditional dish. Walking on the way to the kitchen don’t be shine and ask to our guide all your curiosity about the food and wine tradition of Venice, it will help you to be catapulted inside the typical culinary tradition of Venice! The meal is accompanied by excellent local wines.

What’s Included in your Venice Cooking Class and Rialto Market shopping

  • Guided market shopping
  • Cooking class
  • Meal of prepared dishes to follow.
  • Local wines to accompany meal.
  • Our love for food and wine and the desire to share it with you in a lovely atmosphere!

Are you ready? Turn on the stove!

Price per person

€ 170




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