Symbolic Wedding in Venice

Do you desire an informal wedding without all the legal documentation complications?

Are you already civilly married but you’ve always dreamt of getting married in Venice?

Would you like to celebrate your Anniversary or renew your vows in a symbolic act with a religious blessings ritual in one of the beautiful Venetian churches?

In Venice you’ll be able to pick wonderful locations for Your Symbolic Wedding:

Elegant Venetian Palaces, terraces over the Gran Canal, charming Villas with fairytale parks, or exclusive private islands, in boat, in gondola.

The symbolic wedding will be held by an expert master of ceremonies dressed with a Venetian costume, that, with lectures and surrounding rituals, will give the necessary solemnity and value to that moment.

You will be provided with a wedding symbolic certificate souvenir, with no legal validation but emotively beautiful.

Venice is the ideal city in which to renew Your vows!